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It's the end of summer and a chilly breeze reminds us that our children will soon need warm sweaters. Unfortunately, these little sweaters, which some time ago would have been hand knitted by our grand-mothers, are rare in shops that often only sell clothes made of cotton, acrylic or other synthetic materials! Wool or cashmere knitwear is often too expensive to figure more prominently in a first wardrobe that will last only a few weeks.

It is from this realization that we, Pascaline and Aude, both mothers of young children, have decided to meet our needs and create our own brand of affordable baby clothes made of 100% cashmere: Les Tricots de Margot. Currently on parental leave, we are dedicated to our passion for design and children's clothing.

Cashmere carries the warmth and glamour of the mesh and it is the sole material used in our clothes. No longer reserved for adult luxury brands, it is nowadays being democratized and rejuvenated. Slightly more expensive than wool and cotton, cashmere remains a good emotional and qualitative investment. Softer and lighter than wool, it will keep your little ones warm and cozy during the season of frost.

Well maintained, this beautiful piece can later be passed on to the little sister or brother. All our designs are inspired by our babies’ needs. We put great care in choosing a raw material of very good quality from Inner Mongolia. The clothes are made in an on-site workshop staffed by local workers to ensure an old-world craftsmanship, while maintaining an affordable price.

We chose pastel and natural colors, aiming to give our models a chic and timeless look. Our credo is "Les Tricots de Margot, easy & affordable luxury for your baby."

Do not keep your baby waiting! Give him the pleasure of wearing cashmere in its first year!  A piece or a matched set of "Les Tricots de Margot" is the ideal birth or birthday gift.



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